Friday, March 16, 2012

Electronic Cigarettes - The Future For All Smokers

Electric cigarettes, also called green cigarettes are building their way onto the global scene. Smokers do like the idea of a no smell and second-hand smoking risks free cigarette.

These electric cigarettes have a very close to real taste without the dangerous chemicals that are present in traditional cigarettes. They are free of tar, carbon monoxide, ash, carcinogens and flame and are also “smoking ban” friendly, cause they can be used indoors as much as outdoors.

Since most smokers got blamed for second hand smoking side effects, the electric cigarette has become a new trend that will change your life forever. You can now enjoy your cigarette without worrying about its bad effect in people around you.

The electronic cigarettes come with chargers and refills and can be recharged by USB port, car, or AC outlet.

The e-cigarette works with mist-like vapor that is generated by liquid nicotine which is located in a cartridge together with the device (that is the battery). When someone inhales the device just like inhaling a common cigarette, an atomizer will heat and then vaporizes liquid nicotine that turns into a smoke-like vapor.

The e-cigarette is also good news if you are looking to quit smoking cause you can cut down the nicotine volume choosing a cartridge kit that has less nicotine, you can also choose from many different flavors. This way, you can reduce the nicotine intake while still enjoying your smoking habits as well.


  1. Electronic cigarettes are very similar like the traditional cigarettes but its very safe than the traditional cigarettes. A big plus point of using smoke-less cigarettes for the smoker as well as for the people around him is that it does not create any secondhand smoke.

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