Thursday, February 9, 2012

Use Facebook And MySpace Pics As Caller Id With PicDial

FREE APPPicDial is a Caller ID Photo + Status tool and Picture-Dialer for your phone. With PicDial, YOU decide what picture friends see with Caller ID. For a small monthly fee, PicDial lets customers display their Facebook or MySpace profile picture, or any pic of their choosing, on their friends’ phones every time they call or text. 

Doing something fun? Take a picture and automatically update friends’ phones - they won’t have to do anything to catch your latest look. In fact, with PicDial you can update your Caller ID picture anytime, anywhere.

Currently PicDial supports photos for your Caller ID from Facebook and MySpace, but stay tuned as PicDial may be including other social networks in the near future. 

Also if your friends like to live “off the grid” and without social networks. You can still choose a photo for their Caller ID by using a snapshot from your phone. Of course, you can change the photos whenever you want.

Improve your social communication with PicDial. Just go to Get PicDial and a link will be sent right away to your phone for download.

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